Halloween 2011: Join us for a party!

September 28, 2011

We will be hosting a Halloween Party... watch this space for details on how you can book your place!

Cruel Canapes, Burger for the brave, scary suprise and deadley dessert!

mwah ha ha ha ha

Busy Busy Busy!

September 28, 2011

Woah, what a busy lunch today!

We sold out of our Tandoori Special, had to remake our paninis and the telephone was ringing off the hook!

If you missed today - you missed the buzz!

Deptford Market days for you! lol

Have a great rest of the week guys and watch out for tommorow's special offers!

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Tandoori Chicken today!!

September 27, 2011
Limited number of portions so come early from your lunch guys!

Tandoori Chicken Skewers, Rice, Curry Sauce and a little invention of ours - a Pizza Naan! £5.95

Yes, a pizza naan - we are a pizzeria afterall!

Other offers...
  • Brie and tomato panini and fries - £5.50
  • Coffee/Tea and pineapple cake - £2.50

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A new week guys....Halloween coming!

September 26, 2011
Firstly apologies for not opening this last Sunday (26th September) guys! Poor Pete (our Head Chef) got a bad cold so he stayed in bed and snuggled up under the sheets to sleep it off. He's now back to fighting fitness so you can expect more tasty treats on offer the week ahead.

So.....Halloween is coming!

What festive treats do you want to see us cook up for you? We toyed with the idea of a poltergeist pasta, satanic pizza and even a chilling cheese cake...

Now, over to you guys... you are our...
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Stone baked - not half-baked!

September 24, 2011
Our pizzas are lovingly made in our authentic stone pizza oven by specilly trained chefs.

Now, let's take a look at the practices of other local eateries:

Some use half baked bases - WE DON'T our dough is mixed fresh on the premises.
Some use ovens with conveyor belts (yes take a look they actually place pizzas on a conveyor belt and which pulls them through a conventional broiler overn) - WE DON'T ours are individually crafted by our chefs and then placed in the oven with the pizza-paddle.
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Today's top offer!

September 23, 2011

This was our Homemade Cheeseburger, Fries and homemade coleslaw!

It was our top offer at only £5.50 for the lot.

It sold out by the end of lunch today so if you havent been in yet you missed it - Sorry!

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Today's Special Offers!

September 23, 2011
Today is Friday 23rd September and the sun is shining!

So, here we are folks, our specials for today:

  1. Homemade Cheeseburger, fries and our delicious homemade coleslaw.... £5.50
  2. Jacket potato with 1 filling (chilli con carne, tuna, cheddar)..... £3.50
  3. Tuna Melt Panini..... £3.60
Our homemade burger is back by popular demand! These offers expire at 4pm today so come on down while stocks last!

Late Special:

BOGOF - Buy get one free - PIZZA! Any pizza, any size, and get the same size extra for free!


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Grumble spot...

September 22, 2011
Please tell us if you think there was something missing during your last experience with us...

This time PLEASE DON'T NAME PEOPLE you can do that in confidence by emailing the restaurant manager, Dave via slices@hotmail.co.uk.

This is the open and frank opportunity to help us brush up on our performance.

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Anything nice to say??

September 22, 2011
Please tell us in full detail about any good experiences you have had with us...

name the staff, tell us the time it happened, name the dish you ate and any other details....

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What's in a name? suggestions please...

September 22, 2011
You will no doubt be used to our mad Meatbalski, our barmy Bollywood, and the hot hot Hot Inferno!

Can you think of any other names of Pizza's you would like to see on the menu and the dream topping for that creation...

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