Our pizzas are lovingly made in our authentic stone pizza oven by specilly trained chefs.

Now, let's take a look at the practices of other local eateries:

Some use half baked bases - WE DON'T our dough is mixed fresh on the premises.
Some use ovens with conveyor belts (yes take a look they actually place pizzas on a conveyor belt and which pulls them through a conventional broiler overn) - WE DON'T ours are individually crafted by our chefs and then placed in the oven with the pizza-paddle.
Some use frozen bases. Yes some claim to make gourmet pizza and although they use a stone oven they buy in their dough in bulk and defrost the bases overnight. WE DON'T - well why would we need to when all our chefs are REAL CHEFS.

SIMPLY PUT - for the same price as the others you get a whole lot of love invested in your favourite pizza!